The Perfect Sweat-Inducing Playlist

The Ultimate Playlist


I read an awesome tip for needing to get into a workout… start your workout playlist 10 minutes or so beforehand.

After you have done this for a few times… Its crazy, your muscles will really start to twitch and get all excited.

I am sharing up there at the top a playlist I have been perfecting for my living room floor workouts. I love blasting this music and just getting into it.

I am a mama of 2, and I make no excuses. I want to feel vital, alive, slender, free. I am making it happen, one day – one meal, one run, one workout – at a time. Right now that’s in my living room with a few workout DVDs (I’ll be sharing them next post), my baby on the mat next to me, the toddler napping in the other room and this playlist blasting.

It helps get my energy flowing and the blood pumping ;).




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