Needing Inspiration

Needing Inspiration

When I got skinny after my first baby, everyone wanted to know – what is your secret?!

It was weird because, THERE REALLY IS NO SECRET. Eat well, be active. Period.

However, there are ways to approach it that are less stressful/complicated than others, and this depends on you as a person.

For me, I feel best and get skinniest when I think of working out as my therapy, as something I GET to do and NEED to do for my whole self, not for burning the muffin I ate for breakfast or that glass of wine from the night before. This mentality keeps exercise from feeling like a total drag and from being this vicious cycle of overeating and running in circles.

I work out because it feels amazing. It releases the stress of my everyday life. It is an enjoyable experience in the moments.

I’m addicted to endorphins.

Right now, its freezing cold and nasty outside in this ugly frigid January. I need some inspiration to keep at my workouts indoors and realize that spring and summer are just around the corner!

Join me in the search for inspiration for the active life, in the celebration of just how therapeutic sweat is!


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