Naturally Thin or Working Hard for What You Have?

This video is fascinating to me. I actually have been extremely inspired by both these women… I read Bethenny’s “Naturally Thin” a few years ago, and it helped me shed weight I’d been holding on to since high school!

I did Tracy’s Pregnancy Project workouts all through my last pregnancy, and boy does she know how to work the body!

I am currently doing the Tracy Anderson Method Metamorphosis, but I kind of agree with Bethenny – Tracy’s approach of HAVING to do a WHOLE HOUR a day, 6 DAYS A WEEK… feels a little draining sometimes. I don’t want to HAVE to do it. I want to do it for the fun of it, for the optimization of my body. Not to stay thin.

In my experience, being thin really is 80% how you eat, and 20% working out.

I have had a lot of experience working my butt off every day, only to have it spike my appetite to the point that I couldn’t control it very well.

Also I have this problem of wanting to define myself in two polar opposite ways – the Badass who can DO ANYTHING (and eat anything) Like a Boss… and the Girl who is dainty and fashionable and twiggy… who sips her coffee with a small pastry in the morning like Holly Golightly and sometimes forgets to eat.

These two personas could not be more different. Bethenny, the Official Skinnygirl, who advocates learning to be satisfied by eating MUCH less than the average American, and Tracy Anderson, who advocates the Badass Athlete in every woman.

Which is more empowering to you? I still vacillate between the two. : /


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